KT Rolster Bullets vs Najin White Shield

Only two more series of 5 matches and the Korea's League of Legend's Champion's Winter will come to an end. But before the finals there will be a battle for the 3rd and 4th place between KT Rolster Bullets vs. Najin White Shield.

After a tragic 0 - 3 match against SKT T1 K, KT Rolster Bullets needs to defend the 3rd place for the tournament. The pick and ban phase is a battle for the support. After SK Telecom constantly banned Mafa's Leona they got trouble in the duo lane whole series. Mafia tries to take away Nami on poohMandu twice, but it doesn't stop the dominating performance of Piglet and poohMandu. We didn't see the Riven pick that KT Bullets prioritize in their game with CJ Blaze that leads them to victory.

Although Najin White Shield fails to defeat Samsung Ozone it's still a close match. They manage to outplay Samsung Ozone in game 2 of the series. Even they fall behind they manage to come back and continue to defend the spot for the finals. But in the end they still loss. Their game between Samsung Ozone is the most epic matches in the whole tournament you will not know who will win unless the Nexus was destroyed.


SK Telecom T1 K vs KT Rolster Bullets

SK Telecom T1 K was unstoppable on their last performance, sweeping 3-0 against Samsung Blue last December 25, and secures their spot in the semifinals of the tournament. So far the vision control of SKT T1 K is the best in the Korean scene. They play aggressively when they are ahead not giving any respect to Samsung Blue. Massive tower dives resulting sometimes to sloppy plays never stop them dominate the entire series. Piglet and Faker play so well in the lane, and impact got so far ahead. Also poohMandu great engage and harrass made Piglet snowball hard . Expect that the odds are on their side.

Meanwhile, KT Rolster Bullets early game is not that solid compares to SKT's lane phase, but manage to comeback in the late game. Their true edge of their team is when all of their member groups up. We saw that they valued Riven a lot, picked three times on their last 4 matches. Also Ryu's Gragas has a solid performance in their last match. The crowd control team composition with a tanky top lane or jungler is their bread and butter. But still they're underdogs in this match.


Samsung Galaxy Ozone vs CJ Entus Frost

Samsung Galaxy Ozone got a very dominating last match against Shields at the group stages. Mata and Dade performance was solid; the synergy with these two are very awesome. Mata's thresh is very scary and his insane death sentences proved it together with the cocoon combo with Dade. Imp and Dandy have also done a great job on securing kills and cs. On the other hand, Looper had a very hard time on top. And both on turrets (top and bottom) lost before the 20-minutes mark. We never saw a lot of teleport Mundo plays with him, but he defended the top inhibitor turret against the split push of Shyvana, leaving his team snowball in a 4v4 situation that I think is a very good call from Samsung Galaxy Ozone.

However, CJ Entus Frost lost against Xenics Storm on the group stage tie breaker. They have done a lot of errors, starting at the picks, poor vision control, and a lot of bad calls. Their lanes crushed early especially mid and CoCo's Nidalee snowballed hard against GBM's Kassadin. Shy manage to cs in a 2v1 situation, but when he tried to go all in with Helios Vi gank it became a waste of time because of the disengagement of Piccaboo's Alistar. Duo bot lane also didn't go very well. They have been pressured really hard by the enemy Elise. A tragic loss of CJ Frost.


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  • CJ Entus Frost is a Korea based competitive LoL team officially sponsored by CJ Entus. The team was known as Maximum Impact Gaming before being renamed to Azubu Frost.
  • Samsung Galaxy Ozone is a Korean League of Legends team sponsored by Samsung Electronics. It was formerly known as MVP Ozone.
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