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NBA Top 10 Basketball Players

Let’s face it 66 games was just too short . In a perfect situation I wish the season would have started as usual in November. Anyways, on a positive note we were able to witness(no, not just Lebron) the best basketball players of the 2012 season and here are my picks.

  1. Lebron James - clearly one of the best in the world
  2. Kevin Durant - a unstoppable shooting player and great all around
  3. Dwyane Wade - his abilility to get to the rim is the best in the league
  4. Dwight Howard - Best Center in the NBA
  5. CP3 - best PG in the league
  6. Kobe Bryant - he is obviously the closest we have seen to MJ but he is getting old so that is why I put him at 6
  7. Derrick Rose - great PG that can get to the rim easily at such a young age, and very talented
  8. Kevin Love - he is simply the best PF in the NBA he gets a insane amount of rebounds and scores at will
  9. Dirk Nowitzki - his shoot is impossible to block and he is such a great player for a big guy
  10. Ranjon Rondo - very great PG very skilled at almost anything, but he doesn't have that killer instinct to take over at the end of games

As much as I love Kobe, it’s was clear that this year did belong to Lebron. His ability to play more in the post and dominate to his suffocating defense clearly made him the best basketball player in 2012. Yes, Im sure the online betting is already favoring him to capture his 3rd MVP( I wonder what odds they are giving KD? He’s my pick). Anyways guys feel free to share your thoughts on your top 10 players of this year.

What do you think?