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Euro 2012 Predictions and Preview: Germany vs Portugal

Group Elimination B: Saturday, 9 June 2012 - Lviv - New Lviv Stadium

The last match on Saturday will be played in Lviv, Ukraine where it will feature the Powerhouse German team who look to make a statement in their opening match against Portugal. This is a pivotal match for both teams as they are paired in the “Euro Cup Group of Death” with also Netherlands and Denmark.


Germany performed well in their last 5 qualifying matches and coming with the new formation of the players and also their formation or strategy. They won 3 matches, 1 draw and their only loss came to France back in February. The Germans are led by Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez whom they look for to supply a few goals during the tournament after having a great season in the Bundesliga but, the 26-year-old had some lapses when Munich needed him in the Champions League final against Chelsea and in the German Cup against Borussia Dortmund. (Germany Preview by Fran)

The German offensive stormed through the qualifying games like a pack militant skinheads walking through a small Asian grocery somewhere in Munich and achieved a perfect record, winning all 10 of their matches and scoring a massive 34 goals en route. Thomas Muller, Mesut Ozil and Sami Khedira are expected to help propel the team further up the tournament ladder by using their gained experience at top European levels after their World Cup run back in 2010.

However, the Portuguese players are equipped with each of their individual brilliance that can topple any defense and unfortunately, defense is the biggest problem area for the German team and have let in too many goals on occasions so in the case of the upcoming game with Porto, the German power could break down if not corrected in time. (Germany Preview by Zan)


While Portugal in the European Cup is a very confident, they boast some of the world’s biggest names namely Cristiano Ronaldo is one of Real Madrid striker, and also winger Nani who comes in from Manchester United. The problem with Portugal is they can never close out the big games having come close in 2004 when they hosted but lost to Greece 1-0. Portugal will heavily depend on Ronaldo for his knack to score having 42 goals in Spanish La Liga. (Portugal Preview by Fran)

Cristiano Ronaldo, that already says a lot for a team. Having a player that is on top of the European as well as the world through football can do a lot for a team. Playing alongside Nani, Raul Meireles and Pepe is not bad either and if the Portos put their heads together, they can crush Germany’s already crumbling defensive wall.

But the Portuguese team also seem to face a similar problem with the Germans of having an attack that could open up any team with a defensive structure that can falter at crucial moments. They scored 27 goals in the qualifying matches, but let in a whopping 14 which almost made them miss the trip to the Championships. Plus, a string of bad games comes to mind such as the mismatch with Turkey. (Portugal Preview by Zan)

Predictions: Germany 2-1

Both teams come into this game with high expectations to win. They have similar styles in their attack. This is a game where Portugal has to play to their strength and not play too cautiously. I favor the Germans because this team is on a mission after coming short to Spain in 2008. I don’t want to take too much away from Portugal because with Ronaldo and Nani in the game anything is possible. (Prediction by Fran)

By the problems facing opposition, Portugal is not expected by many to make it through the group; and it would take a major upset to qualify for the next round. Just recently, Portugal suffered a 3-1 defeat with Turkey. Germany’s national team has a more players that are experienced and battle hardened. (Prediction by Zan)

Euro 2012: Mario Late Goal Brings 1-0 Win For Germany

There was no doubt that Germany and Portugal produced the best match of the evening, though, it wasn’t easy for team Germany having been put to the test. Striker Mario Gomez was’nt his usual self was close to being replaced by game and appeared to be on the verge of being replaced by fellow striker Miroslav Klose unti he netted the only goal of the game at the 72 minute mark delivering a 1-0 victory for the Germans.

The first half had some missed opportunities, Portugal’s Lukas Podolski failed to capitalize on some scoring opportunities. Portugal didn't do much going forward, but had a great opportunity in the first half but, missed a corner kick, with Pepe hitting the crossbar. The shot went off the underside of the bar but, hit the line, and never went over.

Germany looked lethargic they are usually in attack mode throughout the game. Mesut Özil tried to run the show from the center like he usually does for the Germans and for Real Madrid, but the three forwards in front of him weren't making the right runs, and Özil wasn't exactly at his best either. Germany just didn’t look like the dominate team who crushed Israel and Belguim is the qualifying. But by the 72nd minute, is when Gomez went to work . When all else fails, it's not a bad idea to just throw some bodies and some balls into the penalty area, and Germany found their goal on a hopeful move that fit that description. Sami Khedira set up the cross on the game-winner by swinging a ball towards the center of the box for Gomez. Gomez leaped up and met the ball with a great header, directed into the back of the net at the far post to put Germany ahead 1-0.

Portugal attacked for an equalizer and found the oppertunity on a few occasions, but never capitalized due to the great woodwork of Manuel Neuer and the Germany defense. On one occasion, Nani managed to hit the crossbar with what appeared to be cross, but ended up looking like an odd, but effective shot. Neuer was forced into a late save on substitute Silvestre Varela, while Mats Hummels made a number of impressive clearances in the final 20.

EURO 2012: Germany vs Portugal Timeline

  • 90+5' - Lannoy, Stephane blows to end the match. The final score is 1-0.
  • 90+5' - B.Schweinsteiger is back on the pitch.
  • 90+5' - B.Alves has recovered and rejoins the match in Lviv.
  • 90+5' - The match at Arena Lviv is underway again.
  • 90+4' - B.Alves is writhing in pain and play has been suspended for a few moments.
  • 90+4' - The match has been stopped briefly for attention to the injured B.Schweinsteiger.
  • 90+3' - B.Alves (Portugal) is first to the ball but his header is off-target.
  • 90+3' - At Arena Lviv Nani (Portugal) takes a corner from the Left.
  • 90+2' - Lars Bender is replacing Thomas Muller for Germany at Arena Lviv.
  • 90+2' - Nani (Portugal) goes for goal but the shot is blocked by an alert defence.
  • 90' - 3 minutes of injury time will be added to the Second half.
  • 88' - In Lviv Portugal drive forward through S.Varela. His shot is on target but it's saved.
  • 87' - Low, Joachim is making the team's Second substitution at Arena Lviv with Toni Kroos replacing Mesut Ozil.
  • 86' - Portugal's Nani breaks free at Arena Lviv. But the strike goes wide of the post.
  • 86' - Portugal have been awarded a corner by Lannoy, Stephane. Nani steps up to take it.
  • 84' - Nani hits the bar! Nearly a goal there for Portugal.
  • 84' - Lannoy, Stephane has awarded Portugal a corner. Nani takes the kick from the Right.
  • 83' - Important block from the Portugal defence as F.Coentrao fires in a strike for Portugal.
  • 82' - At Arena Lviv Joao Moutinho (Portugal) takes a corner from the Right.
  • 82' - Corner awarded to Portugal.
  • 82' - Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo gets in a shot on goal at Arena Lviv. But the effort is unsuccessful.
  • 81' - Germany drive forward but Mesut Ozil is judged offside.
  • 81' - Portugal make their Second substitution with Silvestre Varela replacing Raul Meireles.
  • 80' - Low, Joachim (Germany) is making a First substitution, with Miroslav Klose replacing Mario Gomez.
  • 76' - In Lviv Mesut Ozil for Germany takes a corner from the Left-hand flag.
  • 72' - Goal! A Mario Gomez header gives Germany a 1-0 lead in Lviv.
  • 72' - Great play from Sami Khedira to set up the goal.
  • 70' - Nelson Oliveira is on a sub for Helder Postiga for Portugal.
  • 69' - Jerome Boateng for Germany has been booked by Lannoy, Stephane and receives a first yellow card.
  • 66' - J.Boateng is back on his feet again.
  • 66' - The match is underway again.
  • 65' - J.Boateng is down and play has been interrupted for a few moments.
  • 61' - Portugal’s J.Moutinho is on his feet again at Arena Lviv.
  • 60' - Fabio Coentrao (Portugal) has been booked and must now be careful not to get a second yellow card.
  • 60' - Play has been resumed.
  • 59' - Play has been temporarily suspended for attention to J.Moutinho for Portugal who is writhing in pain on the pitch.
  • 57' - Germany attack but M.Gomez's header doesn't find the target.
  • 55' - Helder Postiga of Portugal is pulled up for offside.
  • 54' - Portugal have been awarded a corner by Lannoy, Stephane. Joao Moutinho steps up to take it.
  • 51' - Lannoy, Stephane has awarded Portugal a corner. Joao Moutinho takes the kick from the Left.
  • 49' - Portugal push forward through Cristiano Ronaldo, whose finish on goal is saved.
  • 48' - Corner awarded to Portugal.
  • 47' - S.Khedira's header is off-target for Germany.
  • 46' - At Arena Lviv Mesut Ozil (Germany) takes a corner from the Right.
  • 46' - T.Muller (Germany) gets in a strike but the shot is blocked by a defender.
  • 46' - Germany's L.Podolski gets in a shot but it is blocked by a Portugal defender.
  • 46' - The second-half has commenced. Germany with the kick-off.
  • 45+1' - The first-half is over at Arena Lviv.
  • 45' - Pepe (Portugal) shoots – and rattles the crossbar!
  • 45' - Portugal have been awarded a corner by Lannoy, Stephane. Joao Moutinho steps up to take it.
  • 43' - Holger Badstuber (Germany) has received a yellow card from Lannoy, Stephane.
  • 41' - Portugal are pushing forward but J.Moutinho's finish is wide of the goal.
  • 40' - Germany's T.Muller gets his shot away but it misses the target.
  • 38' - S.Khedira for Germany gets in a strike but fails to hit the target.
  • 31' - Germany's L.Podolski breaks free at Arena Lviv. But the strike goes wide of the post.
  • 28' - In Lviv Germany attack through L.Podolski. The finish is off target, however.
  • 26' - Portugal drive upfield and Cristiano Ronaldo gets in a shot. The strike is blocked by a Portugal defender.
  • 25' - Germany push forward at Arena Lviv and L.Podolski gets in a strike. This is blocked, however, by a determined Portugal defence.
  • 18' - In Lviv Nani for Portugal takes a corner from the Right-hand flag.
  • 13' - Helder Postiga (Portugal) gets a yellow card.
  • 10' - Germany's L.Podolski is on target but unsuccessful.
  • 3' - Lannoy, Stephane has awarded Portugal a corner. Miguel Veloso takes the kick from the Right.
  • 2' - M.Gomez (Germany) goes close with a header but the ball is scrambled away by Portugal defenders.
  • 1' - The match has started, with Portugal kicking-off.

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