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NBA.com for the Best Online Basketball

I thought I could keep up with all the basketball from my basketball subscription from Direct TV until I copped an online basketball subscription from NBA.com. NBA.com host live up to the minute scores, highlights and best off all the commentaries. The one thing I can really appreciate about NBA online is that I can be traveling anywhere and just log into the game I want to watch. The other day while waiting for my flight I was able to tune in and catch the OKC and Dallas game 4. In this game James Harden went completely ballistic and picked apart the Dallas Mavericks.

The left-handed shooting guard absolutely took over the game, finishing with 29 points and five assists on 11-of-16 shooting. He made big shot after big shot and couldn't be slowed at all when he wanted to get to the rim.

Previous games belonged to Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, but this one was all about bearding up.

I can’t wait for the next series with OKC and my Laker team. I’m hoping the Lakers can make this somewhat of a challenge. OKC just looks too convincing to take this series. OKC is too fast and strong honestly for my beloved Lakers. You can check out the rest of the playoffs by just creating an account and loggin in to www.NBA.com. I love also the analysis given by Steve Smith and Dennis Scott (very entertaining as well as imformative). If you are at work or traveling on the road I highly suggest that you register and create an account. If they can only some how tie in the latest online betting odds to bet before the games this would be awesome. But, I guess we can’t have it always our way.

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