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Summer Hoops Kick Off In The Asian Basketball League

The other day I posted and bragged of the Euro Basketball League ( Not, changing my mind) but, I also don’t want to underplay the great talent in the Asian Basketball League either. I was surprised to see the skill level of a lot of these players in this hidden gem of a league. I was able to check out the Drunken Ballers( Great name ..right?) vs. team Monstars.

The Drunken Ballers came in this contest with a 0-1 record after opening their season last week losing 47-32 against team Icee Kaya. The Drunken Ballers had a dismal shooting performance. They shot just 43.7 percent from while connecting on just 3-of-6 (50%) from three point range. Led by Vue Le, the Drunken Ballers he recorded a double-double with 12 points and 10 rebounds while fellow teammate Allen Dao finished with 11 points, 2 assist and 4 rebounds. As a teams, the Ballers shot free throws as if they were drunk shooting 17%(1 for 6 at the charity) and being pounded on the glass 34-31.

Despite a low scoring a game, what made this game great to watch was the up tempo of both teams. Though it was poor shooting, the energy of these guys made this particular game fun to watch. I’m definitely convinced that Asian Basketball League is for real. Not to mention, the fans are totally into the game making it that much more exciting. As, the NBA playoffs winds down my focus will be turned to the ABL. I just have to check with my bookie if online betting odds are available for this league. If so, cheers to a great summer.

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