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Watch Basketball Games Live: OKC Sweeps Dallas

The beauty of having my own office means I have privacy. Having privacy means that I can watch basketball games live from my desk( That is one perk of being an office manager) anyways, the other day I was able to watch OKC put a beat down on the defending champs and the beating from game 4 came from the bearded wonder James Harden. Harden was unstoppable scoring 29 points with an array of moves and hitting from the outside. The torched was passed over tonight as the Thunder swept The Mavericks 103-97.

"A lot of times you think it's youth that makes mistakes, but there (are) veteran teams that don't close out games," Thunder coach Scott Brooks said. "We never talk about youth on our team."

What everyone is talking about is a team that's talented, deep and doesn't let up.

"That's what good teams do. They play hard for 48 minutes and give their best shot throughout the game," Brooks said. "I think both teams have played just about as hard as you can play. They're a good team. We've always respected what they do and how they go about things."

The blowout win in Game 3 has essentially signaled a changing of the guard in the West. OKC hopes to be that team to take the torch from the Mavericks.

"We just play. We just pay hard basketball," Brooks said. "We play as hard as we can, and we live with the results. We don't get caught up in things we can't control.

"We know that they have the heart of a champion." I look for OKC to go all the way to the Western conference finals and a showdown with the Heat. I’ll be on top of the online betting through the playoffs. My money is on OKC all the way.

What do you think?