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As Portugal is close to being eliminated, they need Ronaldo more

Portugal is now heading to their second match in the Euro 2012 championship. However, Coach Paulo Bento is still looking forward to their first victory after four games this year. The Seleccao have recently lost 1-0 against groupmates Germany. They need something to fire them up. They need Cristiano Ronaldo, dubbed as the “best player in the planet” to step up. Following this loss to Germany, Ronaldo now has as many as five more games to do better.

"He needs to step up, clearly because he's the best European footballer around," SIC TV's Antonio Reis told Goal.com. "He needs to step up to show that he can lead, like Eusebio and [Luis] Figo. If he doesn't do that, I don't know if his career in the national team will be well-remembered."

To fans, aficionados, and critics around the world, there is some sort of consensus: there is no better European (and probably the world) player than Cristiano Ronaldo the one who won the Ballon d'Or in 2008 following a Champions League-winning campaign with Manchester United. This progressed as he became a Real Madrid player.

The only one who can currently match him on performance as well as consensus, would be Lionel Messi – but he’s not playing in this league now. He (Ronaldo) has this chance of proving he is better, and lead the Seleccao to a championship.

Pedro Candeias of Portuguese newspaper Expresso has this to say: "He knows that here, Messi is not around.

"It's his chance to prove himself, that he can be as decisive for his national team as he is for Real Madrid," Candeias told Goal.com.

"In Portugal, we are waiting for Cristiano Ronaldo to make a big statement here in the Euros," Adds Antonio Reis.

Now the Portuguese have the odds against them as they face a Denmark side they have only won over once in their last four meets.

"It's all or nothing [on Wednesday], if we lose we will go home," he said. "For a team with the best player in Europe, it's bad," Reis said on the upcoming game.

However, Reis is confident the superstar can play like the exceptional player like in his Real Madrid days. He said: "Ronaldo is much better under pressure. What he needs is just one goal, and then the flow will come."

A glorious victory against Denmark would give Portugal some hope, definitely assure Ronaldo's dominance over Messi in the Ballon d'Or voting.