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Euro 2012 Predictions and Preview: Denmark vs Portugal

Group Elimination B: Wednesday, 13 June 2012 - Lviv - New Lviv Stadium

The “Red and Whites” go up against the “Navigators” on June 12 in Lviv.


The Danes played as a real team should play during their last match up against the Netherlands that resulted in an astonishing victory. Now, as they head into a match against Portugal this time, they are even more determined to not let the opportunity of qualification go down the drain. The team’s line-up of Anderson, Krohn-Dehil, and Zimling just to name a few surprised everyone during performance against the Dutch who had a formidable team and will start with the same formation against Portugal on the 13th with the impressive Andersen who kept a clean sheet against the Dutch attack.

Denmark would be playing with the same style against Portugal as they did in the previous game with the Netherlands but the Portuguese have two key players, Ronaldo and Nani with their individual brilliance. What worked in the previous match might not work this time against the mighty Portuguese line-up.


It’s a must win for the “Navigators” especially after losing to world no. 3, Germany. But they still have a fighting chance considering their line up consisting of heavies, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Rui Patricio, Joao Pereira, and Pepe. Plus these boys play in an attack formation of 4-3-3 which might be effective against the Danes.

Portugal already loss their opener to Germany so they need this win in order to move on to the next qualification. The Portuguese team lost to the Danes three years and for some reason they always seem to underrate Denmark which is very contradicting. Plus, Denmark’s victory over the Dutch, a team considered to be a favourite when in comparison just goes to show that the opponent is a strong one.

Predictions: Denmark 1-0

Based on the previous match ups with each other and the previous victory on Denmark against the Netherlands, a team that was considered a favourite second to Germany of the group, the match will most likely be in favour for the Danes. One can argue this point since many believe that Portugal’s formation will be effective against Denmark’s. We will have to wait and see.

Euro 2012 Highlights: Portugal Survives Elimination Ronaldo Chokes

When you are the top soccer player in the world you are expected to perform at a high level especially in the big games. Super star striker had a game that he wished that he could forget. Portugal being on the brink of elimination thanks to fellow stiker Silvestre Varela Portugal defeated Denmark 3-2.

With just three minutes left in this epic Group B contest in Lviv, Ukraine, forward Silvestre Varela unleashed a ferocious strike to provide one of the goals of the tournament so far and a much-needed lifeline for Portugal, the world's fifth-ranked team.

Varela has long been regarded as a promising young player but has had a checkered career and has bounced around six different clubs. When he was transferred to Portuguese league club Porto in 2009 from Estrela Amadora, no fee changed hands.

Ronaldo, meanwhile, has accumulated tens of millions in wages and established himself, alongside Lionel Messi, as one of the two best players in the world. If another team wanted to buy Ronaldo out of his Real Madrid contract, the price would be a staggering $1.25 billion.

He will find it hard to live down his performance on Wednesday, though, especially the moment in the 78th minute that was the low point of his afternoon. Ronaldo was sent completely clear on goal with only Stefan Anderson to beat. As the Denmark goalkeeper went to the ground, all Ronaldo had to do was dribble the ball around him and tap it into the empty net. Instead, he inexplicably booted it with his right foot and steered it wide of the target.

Portugal had gone into a two-goal lead in the first half thanks to goals from Pepe and Helder Postiga, before Niklas Bendtner pulled one back for Denmark just before the break. Bendtner struck again with a headed goal almost immediately after Ronaldo's dreadful miss, aided by some poor goalkeeping from Portugal's Rui Patricio.

EURO 2012: Denmark vs Portugal Timeline

  • 90+4' - It's 2-3 as the referee blows for full-time.
  • 90+3' - Denmark's Lasse Schone breaks free at Arena Lviv. But the strike goes wide of the post.
  • 90+1' - Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal has been booked by Craig Thomson and receives a first yellow card.
  • 90' - 4 minutes will be added to the Second half in Lviv.
  • 90' - Lasse Schone is on a sub for Michael Krohn-Dehli for Denmark.
  • 89' - At Arena Lviv Michael Krohn-Dehli (Denmark) takes a corner from the Left.
  • 89' - Portugal make their Third substitution with Rolando replacing Nani.
  • 87' - Silvestre Varela is on target to give Portugal a 2-3 advantage.
  • 87' - Nani instrumental with a fine assist.
  • 86' - Corner awarded to Portugal.
  • 86' - In Lviv Nani for Portugal takes a corner from the Left-hand flag.
  • 85' - Fabio Coentrao (Portugal) is given an opening but the shot is blocked by a defender.
  • 84' - Portugal push forward through Cristiano Ronaldo, whose finish on goal is saved.
  • 84' - Silvestre Varela is replacing Raul Meireles for Portugal at Arena Lviv.
  • 84' - Portugal's Nelson Oliveira gets his shot away but it misses the target.
  • 82' - In Lviv Portugal drive forward through Cristiano Ronaldo. His shot is on target but it's saved.
  • 81' - Lars Jacobsen (Denmark) has received a yellow card from Craig Thomson.
  • 80' - Nicklas Bendtner equalizes with a header to make it 2-2.
  • 80' - That's a fine assist from Lars Jacobsen.
  • 78' - Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo misses with an attempt on goal.
  • 73' - Raul Meireles of Portugal gets in a strike, but is off target.
  • 72' - Denmark are pushing forward but Nicklas Bendtner's finish is wide of the goal.
  • 71' - Portugal drive forward and Nelson Oliveira gets in a shot. Without netting, however.
  • 69' - Portugal drive upfield and Raul Meireles gets in a shot. The strike is blocked by a Denmark defender.
  • 67' - In Lviv Denmark's Nicklas Bendtner is caught offside.
  • 67' - Tobias Mikkelsen (Denmark) gets in a strike but the shot is blocked by a defender.
  • 65' - Denmark have been awarded a corner by Craig Thomson. Christian Eriksen steps up to take it.
  • 64' - Nelson Oliveira is on a sub for Helder Postiga for Portugal.
  • 62' - Denmark are coming forward and William Kvist gets in a strike, it misses the target, however.
  • 60' - Craig Thomson has blown to resume play in Lviv.
  • 60' - Dennis Rommedahl (Denmark) does not seem to be able to continue. He is replaced by Tobias Mikkelsen.
  • 60' - Craig Thomson waits before resuming play because Dennis Rommedahl for Denmark is still down.
  • 58' - Corner awarded to Denmark.
  • 56' - Denmark's Jakob Poulsen has been booked in Lviv.
  • 53' - Portugal's Nani gets in a shot on goal at Arena Lviv. But the effort is unsuccessful.
  • 50' - Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal drives towards goal at Arena Lviv. But the finish is unsuccessful.
  • 46' - The second-half has started.
  • 45+2' - The first-half has ended.
  • 45' - 2 minutes of injury time will be added to the First half.
  • 42' - Simon Kjaer (Denmark) gets in a header on goal but the attempt is cleared.
  • 41' - Great play from Michael Krohn-Dehli to set up the goal.
  • 41' - Goal! Denmark reduce the deficit to 1-2 through Nicklas Bendtner.
  • 39' - Dennis Rommedahl for Denmark is whistled offside.
  • 38' - Denmark's Christian Eriksen is on target but unsuccessful.
  • 36' - Nani with an assist there.
  • 36' - It's now 0-2 in Lviv as Helder Postiga scores for Portugal.
  • 35' - At Arena Lviv Raul Meireles (Portugal) takes a corner from the Right.
  • 35' - Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo gets in a shot but it is blocked by a Denmark defender.
  • 29' - Raul Meireles (Portugal) gets a yellow card.
  • 28' - In Lviv Joao Moutinho for Portugal takes a corner from the Left-hand flag.
  • 24' - Joao Moutinho instrumental with a fine assist.
  • 24' - Goal! Portugal have taken a 0-1 lead courtesy of a header from Pepe.
  • 24' - Craig Thomson has awarded Portugal a corner. Joao Moutinho takes the kick from the Left .
  • 24' - Portugal's Helder Postiga misses with an attempt on goal.
  • 21' - In Lviv Portugal attack through Cristiano Ronaldo. The finish is off target, however.
  • 20' - Pepe is back on the pitch.
  • 20' - The match in Lviv is underway once more.
  • 19' - Pepe is writhing in pain and play has been suspended for a few moments.
  • 18' - Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal gets in a strike but fails to hit the target.
  • 18' - Raul Meireles (Portugal) goes for goal but the shot is blocked by an alert defence.
  • 16' - Niki Zimling, who was grimacing earlier, has been substituted. Jakob Poulsen is the substitute for Denmark.
  • 16' - Play has been resumed.
  • 15' - Play has been temporarily suspended for attention to Niki Zimling for Denmark who is writhing in pain on the pitch.
  • 12' - At Arena Lviv Miguel Veloso (Portugal) takes a corner from the Right.
  • 7' - Craig Thomson has awarded Denmark a corner. Michael Krohn-Dehli takes the kick from the Right .
  • 4' - Corner awarded to Denmark.
  • 4' - In Lviv, Christian Eriksen of Denmark is presented with a shooting opportunity. But the strike is blocked by the covering defence.
  • 4' - In Lviv Michael Krohn-Dehli for Denmark takes a corner from the Right-hand flag.
  • 4' - Denmark have been awarded a corner by Craig Thomson. Michael Krohn-Dehli steps up to take it.
  • 1' - The whistle has gone to start the match.

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