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Euro 2012 Predictions and Preview: Greece vs Czech Republic

Group Elimination A: Tuesday, 12 June 2012 - Wroclaw - Municipal Stadium

History tells us in this match up, this match is unlikely to arouse us with high scoring. In the last 3 encounters between Greece and the Czech Republic, there has only been one goal that has been scored( YES!! Just 1). It was back in the 2004 finals when Greek defender Traianos Dellas scored in extra time, to deliver a silver goal that ended the match, to give to give Greece a 1-0 victory in Porto and a place in the final.

  • Even though Greece has never gave up a goal against the Czechs, the Czech’s own them. Their record against their predecessors Czechoslovakia, defeated them in all five head to head match ups.
  • Greece's 1-1 draw against Poland in the opening match of the tournament was their first point in the Euro finals since their surprise win in 2004. In 2008, they lost all three group games.
  • In 2004 Greece played out of their minds to pull off an amazing upset beat then hosts Portugal in the opening match of the tournament and repeated the feat in a final no one had expected. The odds on them playing Poland again in the Euro 2012 final look extremely slim.
  • The Czech Republic's 4-1 beat down by Russia in their opening game was their worst defeat in their history . Czech’s suffered only a three-goal margin defeat twice before - 3-0 to Switzerland in 1994, the second game they ever played after the break-up of Czechoslovakia, and 3-0 to Norway in a friendly last year.
  • The Czechs have now lost their last three games at European Championship finals. In 2008, they won their opening group game against hosts Switzerland but then lost 3-1 to Portugal and 3-2 to Turkey to exit before the knockout stage.

Predictions: Czech 1-0 over Greece

Czech’s bounce back and continue to own Greece. It’s a must needed win for the Czech’s in order to move on into the tournament.

Euro 2012 Highlights: Czech’s Strikes Early Win 2-1 Over Greece

In the early game Tursday, the Czechs gave themselves in life in the tournament by scoring two early goals and hanging on to beat Greece 2-1, meaning all four teams can still qualify.

As it did in its opening 1-1 draw with Greece, Poland started strongly, but this time had to wait nearly an hour before finally converting a chance.

Striker Eugen Polanski had good shot to put Poland ahead by the 18th minute after he rounded off a slick passing move by shooting past Vyacheslav Malafeev, but his effort was ruled offside.

Despite the Polish pressure, Russia remained dangerous at the other end and gradually began to assert itself as the first half wore on.

Tyton came up with a brilliant defensive play by quickly speeding off his line and diving at Aleksandr Kerzhakov's feet to deny the Russia forward a chance to score in the 10th minute. Kerzhakov then headed wide after a cross from Arshavin, and the attacking pair switched roles two minutes later when Arshavin barely failed to get on the end of a cross from the right.

In the 2nd half Poland continued with it’s surge and constant pressure to attack as super striker Lewandowski ran into the penalty area, but Malafeev forced him wide and blocked his shot with his legs. Lewandowski came close again when he nearly connected to a cross from Obraniak, but Malafeev again beat him to the ball.

Poland coach Franciszek Smuda tried to press home the advantage by replacing defensive midfielder Dariusz Dudka with more attack-minded Adrian Mierzejewski in the 73rd minute, but the Russia defense held firm.

EURO 2012: Greece vs Czech Republic Timeline

  • 90+3 - The match has come to a close in Wroclaw. The final score is 1-2.
  • 90 - The fourth official's board shows 3 minutes, which will be added to the Second half.
  • 90 - Michal Bilek (Czech Republic) is making a Third substitution, with Frantisek Rajtoral replacing Daniel Kolar.
  • 88 - In Wroclaw Jaroslav Plasil for Czech Republic takes a corner from the Left-hand flag.
  • 76 - Czech Republic are coming forward and Vaclav Pilar gets in a strike, it misses the target, however.
  • 72 - Greece's Dimitris Salpingidis is whistled for offside at Municipal Stadium Wroclaw.
  • 71 - Fernando Santos is making the team's Third substitution at Municipal Stadium Wroclaw with Kostas Mitroglou replacing Kostas Fortounis.
  • 69 - Greece have been awarded a corner by Stephane Lannoy. Georgios Karagounis steps up to take it.
  • 68 - Greece are pushing forward but Giannis Maniatis's finish is wide of the goal.
  • 65 - Daniel Kolar (Czech Republic) has been booked and must now be careful not to get a second yellow card.
  • 65 - Czech Republic's Daniel Kolar breaks free at Municipal Stadium Wroclaw. But the strike goes wide of the post.
  • 64 - Tomas Pekhart is on a sub for Milan Baros for Czech Republic.
  • 61 - Important block from the Czech Republic defence as Kyriakos Papadopoulos fires in a strike for Greece.
  • 57 - Dimitris Salpingidis (Greece) has received a first yellow card.
  • 56 - Kyriakos Papadopoulos (Greece) gets a yellow card.
  • 53 - Goal! Fanis Gekas pulls one back for Greece to make it 1-2.
  • 46 - Fanis Gekas is replacing Giorgos Fotakis for Greece at Municipal Stadium Wroclaw.
  • 46 - Daniel Kolar is on a sub for Tomas Rosicky for Czech Republic.
  • 46 - The second-half is now underway.
  • 45+1 - The first-half is over.
  • 45 - In Wroclaw, Kostas Fortounis of Greece is presented with a shooting opportunity. But the strike is blocked by the covering defence.
  • 44 - Dimitris Salpingidis (Greece) gets in a strike but the shot is blocked by a defender.
  • 42 - Czech Republic's Petr Jiracek gets his shot away but it misses the target.
  • 41 - Giorgos Fotakis for Greece is whistled offside.
  • 37 - Stephane Lannoy blows against Greece's Dimitris Salpingidis for offside.
  • 36 - Petr Jiracek (Czech Republic) has been booked and must now be careful not to get a second yellow card.
  • 34 - Vasilis Torossidis for Greece has been booked by Stephane Lannoy and receives a first yellow card.
  • 32 - Stephane Lannoy has awarded Czech Republic a corner. Tomas Rosicky takes the kick from the Left .
  • 32 - Dimitris Salpingidis of Greece is pulled up for offside.
  • 29 - Czech Republic's Tomas Rosicky misses with an attempt on goal.
  • 29 - At Municipal Stadium Wroclaw Tomas Rosicky (Czech Republic) takes a corner from the Left.
  • 29 - Czech Republic push forward through Tomas Rosicky, whose finish on goal is saved.
  • 28 - Czech Republic’s Georgios Karagounis is on his feet again at Municipal Stadium Wroclaw.
  • 27 - The match is underway again.
  • 27 - The match at Municipal Stadium Wroclaw has been interrupted briefly for a check on Georgios Karagounis, who is down injured.
  • 27 - Czech Republic's Tomas Rosicky has been booked in Wroclaw.
  • 23 - Greece make their First substitution with Michalis Sifakis replacing Costas Chalkias.
  • 20 - Vaclav Pilar of Czech Republic gets in a strike, but is off target.
  • 16 - Corner awarded to Czech Republic.
  • 14 - Greece drive forward but Dimitris Salpingidis is judged offside.
  • 12 - Greece's Georgios Samaras has run offside.
  • 6 - That's a fine assist from Gebre Selassie.
  • 6 - Goal! Czech Republic extend their lead to 0-2 through Vaclav Pilar.
  • 3 - Petr Jiracek is on target to give Czech Republic a 0-1 advantage.
  • 3 - Great play from Tomas Hubschman to set up the goal.
  • 1 - The match is underway at Municipal Stadium Wroclaw.

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