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Upset or a Mess up? Italy proves its competitive force as they gain a draw with champions Spain

The Azzuri proves a point as they manage to draw in their first game against the Spanish team This Sunday.

As Italy started the game, it looked as if they were going to steal the game with almost having a goal before halftime ensued. They actually pushed forward with the intended onslaught in the second half, as Antonio di Natale put Italy in front with a game changing goal, after an impressiveset-up from Andrea Pirlo in the 61st minute.

Spain made a comeback though, as Cesc Fabregas managed to tie it for the title defenders three minutes later, showing off their trademark passing.

Italy’s goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon believes this cements his assertion that they can match the world champions.

"Spain is the strongest of them all and today proved it," Buffon told Il Corriere dello Sport. "But we were also good and the Spaniards met their match." Daniele De Rossi is happy at Italy earning a positive result. A midfielder, De Rossi, started the match as part of a three-man defense for Italy.

"The draw against Spain gives us great confidence, because it was the hardest game in our group. Being in front of such an opponent was amazing," he said after the game.

Chelsea striker Fernando Torres said that Spain can no longer afford any more slip-ups, as the pressure is now on Spain to win their remaining group matches.

“We could have won or lost. I would not say it's a setback, but is a result that could have been better,” Torres stated earlier.

"We have to win all of our remaining matches now. What matters is that Spain must win whatever the situation or the opposition."

Spain midfielder Andres Iniesta has another issue though. He blames the pitch and brands it as a “disaster" and attributed it to the slow passing of their players.

He told reporters: "Seeing the pitch in those conditions is a disaster. It was incredibly dry and that makes circulation of the ball difficult."

Cesc Fabregas also commented on the same issue. "I can't complain, but we deserved much more." he said. "It's shameful that we still have to play on pitches like that."

Xavi added his 2 cents as well: "The fact that they didn't water the pitch persecuted our dynamic and fluid play."

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