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Maradona: Lessons of the Thermopylae 300 should never be forgotten when facing the Greeks

Diego Maradona may be looking at Germany winning the coming match, but he is positive that the Greeks would put up a good fight, or might be able to play great enough to steal one.

The Argentine praised the efficiency and coordination of Joachim Low’s side, and is confident the Mannschaft have found the synthesis between style and strength to overcome the Greeks and any opponents who will challenge them in the future.

Though the Greeks have the odds against them, the Al Wasl coach still thinks they have the capability to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

“Fernando Santos knows he has the game of his life in his hands, as he faces an uphill battle of gargantuan magnitude. But if 300 Greeks were able to hold off 10,000 Persians at Thermopylae, than 11 Greeks certainly will have a chance against 11 Germans,” he wrote in the Times of India.

“He pulled off a miracle in defeating the Russians and will have to redouble the spirit of his team on this night in Gdansk.

“The German team are fit, young, and powerful. The Greeks are tough, old and experienced. This championship has emphasised power and strength, and although I am sure that the Greeks will put up a heroic resistance, Germany should win.

“It’s easy to admire this German team. They have youth, talent and power and are definitely the overwhelming favourites to win this match, and possibly the championship.”

Maradona, considered the greatest football player of all time by a lot of critics and experts alike, also wrote that this tournament heralded a change in style, with tall, strong players such as Mario Gomez, Andy Carroll, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo all getting on the scoresheet.

“The European Championship has so far shown a definite shift in the balance between finesse football in favour of pure power,” he said.

“[These big strikers] have all scored fantastic goals that emphasise their physical prowess, a dominance of size and strength.

“Smaller geniuses such as Luka Modric of Croatia, Wesley Sneijder of Netherlands, Andrei Arshavin of Russia have had to go home early in what has evolved into a more physical and faster competition that favours certain physically more powerful national teams.”

Let’s wait and see. Watch Germany's clash against Greece as it commences on Friday with the victor taking on either England or Italy in the semi-finals.

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