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Euro 2012 Semifinals Preview: Germany vs Italy Predictions

Germany and Italy will both proceed to the Semifinals on the 28th of June at the National Stadium in Warsaw.

Both undefeated, the two teams have found their niche within the tournament in completely different ways, Germany with their offensive power and Italy with their brilliance in defense. Which tactic will lead to victory?

Germany Preview

The Germans survived the Group stage at number 1 in Group B. They have a perfect record with no draws and no defeats. Germany have waltzed through the tournament being the only team to gain the only maximum nine-point haul in the group stages and effortlessly smashed Greece to pieces in the quarterfinals. These offensive juggernauts are a force to be reckoned with and Mario Gomez is one of only four footballers to score a trio of goals since the start of the group stage. Italy does not have even one player who scored multiple goals.Also, MesutOzil is one of only four footballers to record three assists. Bastian Schweinsteiger also has a pair. If you’re aware of the track record, you already know that Italy doesn’t have one player who’s recorded multiple assists.

However, the opposing team’s strength is on a totally different side than that of Germany’s, it’s the defense. The Germans with their attack brilliance might need to boost up their offense even more against Italy’s defensive wall or else, the game is going nowhere.

Italy Preview

The 2006 World Cup winners are on the track to regain their status as one of the most feared football units in the world. The Italians have a rich history in world football but when it comes to winning the Henri Delauney trophy, the record becomes cloudy only winning the prestigious Euro cup back in 1968 when luck played a big part in their victory over the USSR on Italian soil. Nevertheless, the Azzurris prove to be a force that is not to be taken lightly as they proceed through the Euros with an untainted record and only to be topped off by Spain with two points in the Group C standings.

Germany, however, will certainly give the Italians a run for their money. The Italians have a near flawless defense record and pride themselves with this attribute. They haven’t surrendered more than a single goal in regulation since the group stage began. But defense may not be enough to win against a team like the Germans whose power of attack is brilliant. They need to strengthen their offensive side and take control of the game before the Germans do. Italy has scored just four total goals, and that’s resulted in two draws as well as forced their shootout against England.

Germany vs Italy Predictions: Germany wins 1-0

Okay let’s pay a little bit of consideration to Italy’s defensive structure. But if you can’t score, you can’t win…unless you force a shootout. Italy has a brilliant football team but it would truly be shocking if they outscore Germany.

Euro Cup 2012 Highlights: Balotelli Shows Who’s Boss Italy Shocks Germany

Italian fans gloated about their 2-1 win against Germany in the Euro 2012 semi-final on Thursday, saying they hoped it would help Prime Minister Mario Monti who is locked in a standoff with German Chancellor Angela Merkel over the euro zone's future.

"This shows Germany who's in charge," said Andrea Arces, 20, a student from southern Italy who joined thousands of Italian fans celebrating and waving flags in Rome's Piazza del Popolo.

"Italy is a strong country and this is how we fight back."

Two stunning first half-goals by forward Mario Balotelli steered Italy to victory over favourites Germany and into the final of the European soccer championship where they will meet Spain on Sunday in Kiev.

Supporters in Rome's squares and parks lit coloured flares, chanted in unison and shouted "Grazie Balotelli" after the final whistle blew, and car horns were beeping well into the night.

Monti also faces a showdown with Germany at a two-day European Union summit in Brussels and has promised to press hard for emergency action to lower soaring Italian borrowing costs, a proposal that Merkel has rebuffed so far.

As they grapple with the effects of a German-led European austerity drive that has led to higher taxes, pension reform and spending cuts in the euro zone's third largest economy, Italians have become increasingly embittered.

While Germany's economy has powered ahead of its peers, Italy's has fallen deep into recession in 2012 as rising unemployment and stagnant wage growth fuels a slump in domestic demand.

But the Azzurri's victory over Germany, who were missing their "lucky charm" Merkel in the crowd of the Warsaw stadium, has at least given Italians one thing to smile about.

"This game shows that Italy is good at something," said 19 -year-old student Martina Capo, who was draped in an Italian flag. "There are many things that are positive about Italy and this is one of them," she said.

Others feared the match might reinforce Germany's cool stance towards Italy's proposals.

"They're never going to give us any euro bonds after that," said 44-year-old Paolo Brusca, who watched the game in a park in Rome with his father.

EURO 2012: Germany vs Italy Timeline

  • 90+4' - That's full-time at National Stadium Warsaw. The final score is 1-2.
  • 90+4' - Mats Hummels (Germany) has received a first yellow card.
  • 90+2' - Goal! Germany now trail just 1-2 thanks to a penalty from Mesut Ozil.
  • 90+1' - The ref points to the spot, it's a penalty for Germany.
  • 90' - Stephane Lannoy will wait an extra 4 minutes before blowing the whistle to end the Second half.
  • 90' - In Warsaw Germany attack through Mesut Ozil. The finish is off target, however.
  • 90' - At National Stadium Warsaw Toni Kroos (Germany) takes a corner from the Left.
  • 89' - Italy's Thiago Motta has been booked in Warsaw.
  • 86' - Germany's Toni Kroos breaks free at National Stadium Warsaw. But the strike goes wide of the post.
  • 86' - In Warsaw Bastian Schweinsteiger for Germany takes a corner from the Right-hand flag.
  • 85' - Stephane Lannoy blows against Italy's Antonio Di Natale for offside.
  • 85' - Corner awarded to Germany.
  • 84' - Stephane Lannoy has awarded Germany a corner. Bastian Schweinsteiger takes the kick from the Right .
  • 84' - Daniele De Rossi (Italy) has received a yellow card from Stephane Lannoy.
  • 83' - Germany drive forward and Philipp Lahm gets in a shot. Without netting, however.
  • 83' - In Warsaw Toni Kroos for Germany takes a corner from the Left-hand flag.
  • 83' - Italy drive forward but Federico Balzaretti is judged offside.
  • 82' - Antonio Di Natale for Italy gets in a strike but fails to hit the target.
  • 81' - Italy are pushing forward but Alessandro Diamanti's finish is wide of the goal.
  • 80' - Toni Kroos of Germany gets in a strike, but is off target.
  • 77' - Mats Hummels's header is off-target for Germany.
  • 77' - At National Stadium Warsaw Mesut Ozil (Germany) takes a corner from the Left.
  • 75' - Italy's Claudio Marchisio misses with an attempt on goal.
  • 71' - Germany make their Third substitution with Thomas Muller replacing Jerome Boateng.
  • 70' - Stephane Lannoy has blown to resume play in Warsaw.
  • 70' - Mario Balotelli (Italy) does not seem to be able to continue. He is replaced by Antonio Di Natale.
  • 68' - The match at National Stadium Warsaw has been interrupted briefly for a check on Mario Balotelli, who is down injured.
  • 67' - Italy are pushing forward but Claudio Marchisio's finish is wide of the goal.
  • 64' - Thiago Motta is on a sub for Riccardo Montolivo for Italy.
  • 62' - Corner awarded to Germany.
  • 62' - Marco Reus for Germany drives towards goal at National Stadium Warsaw. But the finish is unsuccessful.
  • 61' - Leonardo Bonucci (Italy) gets a yellow card.
  • 60' - Italy's Mario Balotelli gets his shot away but it misses the target.
  • 58' - Alessandro Diamanti is on a sub for Antonio Cassano for Italy.
  • 56' - Stephane Lannoy has awarded Germany a corner. Toni Kroos takes the kick from the Left .
  • 49' - Germany are coming forward and Philipp Lahm gets in a strike, it misses the target, however.
  • 48' - Marco Reus gets his shot on target but fails to score for Germany.
  • 46' - Joachim Low (Germany) is making a Second substitution, with Marco Reus replacing Lukas Podolski.
  • 46' - Germany make their First substitution with Miroslav Klose replacing Mario Gomez.
  • 46' - Stephane Lannoy blows to start the second-half. Germany with the kick-off.
  • 45+1' - The first-half has come to a close in Warsaw.
  • 45' - Germany have been awarded a corner by Stephane Lannoy. Toni Kroos steps up to take it.
  • 45' - Antonio Cassano has recovered and rejoins the match in Warsaw.
  • 44' - The match in Warsaw is underway once more.
  • 43' - The match has been stopped briefly for attention to the injured Antonio Cassano.
  • 37' - Mario Balotelli for Italy has been booked by Stephane Lannoy and receives a first yellow card.
  • 36' - Riccardo Montolivo instrumental with a fine assist.
  • 36' - It's now 0-2 in Warsaw as Mario Balotelli scores for Italy.
  • 35' - Corner awarded to Germany.
  • 35' - In Warsaw Germany drive forward through Sami Khedira. His shot is on target but it's saved.
  • 33' - At National Stadium Warsaw Toni Kroos (Germany) takes a corner from the Left.
  • 30' - Toni Kroos of Germany gets in a strike, but is off target.
  • 27' - Germany's Mesut Ozil gets in a shot on goal at National Stadium Warsaw. But the effort is unsuccessful.
  • 25' - Germany surge into the attack at National Stadium Warsaw but Mario Gomez’s header is off-target.
  • 20' - Great play from Antonio Cassano to set up the goal.
  • 20' - Italy move into a 0-1 lead through a Mario Balotelli header.
  • 18' - In Warsaw Italy drive forward through Antonio Cassano. His shot is on target but it's saved.
  • 17' - Italy push forward through Riccardo Montolivo, whose finish on goal is saved.
  • 13' - Germany's Toni Kroos gets in a shot on goal at National Stadium Warsaw. But the effort is unsuccessful.
  • 13' - In Warsaw Mesut Ozil for Germany takes a corner from the Right-hand flag.
  • 11' - Mario Gomez for Germany is whistled offside.
  • 9' - Andrea Pirlo (Italy) is given an opening but the shot is blocked by a defender.
  • 6' - Stephane Lannoy has awarded Germany a corner. Mesut Ozil takes the kick from the Right .
  • 5' - Sami Khedira for Germany drives towards goal at National Stadium Warsaw. But the finish is unsuccessful.
  • 5' - Germany have been awarded a corner by Stephane Lannoy. Toni Kroos steps up to take it.
  • 1' - The match has started, with Italy kicking-off.

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