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Spain will never regret not sending Italy out with a 'biscotto', according to Spanish Coach


After Italy wins and secures the title match over expected favorite Germany, discussions go back if the supposed chance of eliminating them with an agreement with Croatia return to haunt.

However, Spain head coach Vicente del Bosque is quite adamant that he has no regrets for not sending the Azurri out at the group stage of Euro 2012 with what he calls a 'biscotto'.

Prior to the last round in Spain and Italy’s group, there were actually speculations that Spain and Croatia could arrange and fix a 2-2 draw – sending off the Italian team out of the tournament without any chance of defending themselves.

However, the La Roja won the game 1-0, which allowed the Azzurri to finish second in the group after the latter securing a 2-0 victory over Republic of Ireland. The result is unexpected - two Group C members will face off in the finals the of Euro 2012.

Del Bosque said that he will never ever regret passing the prospect to arrange the score against Croatia - known as 'biscotto' in Italy.

"We will never regret not having done a biscotto, not having sent Italy out," Del Bosque told Onda Cero. "We did what we had to do.

"We will play with our weapons and we will keep our playing style, but I would say it will be a 50-50 game."

The group game among the two sides ended in a 1-1 draw, which is quite promising for Italy. However, Del Bosque stressed that he will not take too many conclusions from that game.

"I think they will use the same team and the system from the match against Germany," he continued. "We will not be conditioned by the first game, and neither will they."

The coach stressed out that despite sometimes mixed performances by Spain at Euro 2012, they had yet to struggle at the hands of any team or player during the tournament.

"In yesterday's [Wednesday's] match against Portugal, the threat of Nani and Cristiano Ronaldo was nothing more than a threat," Del Bosque opined.

"There has not been any negative episode. Tomorrow [Friday], we will get back to work to recover."

The finals in Kiev will kick off at 20:45CET.

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