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Euro Cup 2012 Is Underway: Prizes Are Up to $34 Million

Warsaw, Poland – It was announced today that aside from the bragging rights and endearing title, the winning team of the Euro Cup 2012 will receive prizes up to a whopping $34 million.Another good reason for an exciting battle for the top in 2012.

During the Group stage of the tournament, the Euro Cup 2012 Qualifiers will receive $1.4 million for each of three wins. Euro Cup 2012 Matchesthatend in draws will rack in $715,000. The third-place team picks up a $1.4 million bonus.

Each of the Euro Cup 2012 Qualifiers will automatically receive $11.4 million just for qualifying while the quarter-finalists will get $2.9 million, semi-finalists will receive$4.3 million, runners-up will be paid $6.4 million and the champion team will take home $10.7 million. Compared to the figures given the previous year, the prizes for this current season is pretty high. Contributors include a number of agencies and institutions such as the respective governments of the nations that each of the teams are representing, big sports related companies such as Nike or Adidas, and contributions provided by individuals and other companies.

Although dwarfing in comparison to the NBA Championships, NFL SuperBowl, or even the World Cup, this is still a huge amount for the Euro Cup 2012 Groups. The UEFA by the way has not been around as long as the other major international sports institutions. Nevertheless, the matches within the Euro Cup are just as explosive and exciting as any match involving football championship games around the world historically. One cannot contest to that fact. Just take a look at how the Betting System has have been aligned, which attests to the popularity of such event not only in Europe but worldwide.

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