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Euro 2012 Games: Croatia’s Manager Has A lot of Work to Do in Order to Progress from Strongholds like Spain

Zagreb, Croatia – “Spain is not invincible!” stated Slaven Bilic, the Croatian team’s general manager. Although aware of the tough challenges that lay ahead in the Euro 2012 Games, Bilic remains optimistic and team Croatia might even hold a strong game plan up their sleeve as speculators have stated earlier this week. He agrees that the World and European Champions are by far, the tournament favourite but is full of hope regarding his team’s progression despite an absence from the 2010 World Cup.

So far Croatia, along with Ireland, Portugal, and the Czech Republic has emerged triumphant during the Euro 2012 Qualifying Games which involves the other eight group runners-up. Not an easy feat especially for underdogs like Croatia. Bilic himself is an experienced player formerly serving under the banner of West Hampton as a strong defender.

"It's a tough group of course but that doesn't mean we don't have a chance," he said. "In football you see surprises week in, week out. Spain are the best side and they were in the last World Cup but Switzerland beat them and they had some troubles with Chile, Paraguay and Holland - they weren't cruising. They didn't have it easy in 2008 either, especially against Italy. They are a great team, great champions and worthy favourites but they are not going to walk through the championship with a cigar. It may sound like a contradiction but though Spain is the toughest game, it is the easiest to prepare for," he added. "You are almost reduced to one way of playing - trying to break them up without committing too many players.”

The 43 year old leader is positive and feels that his team has a lot of experience and has targeted the opening game with the Republic of Ireland as the make or break moment for Croatia. "The first game is important for the whole atmosphere and of course against Ireland it is a game we have to be trying to win.”

Slaven Bilic’s engaging optimism is truly admirable especially amongst fans and If the Croatians maintain their relentlessness and hunger, they will surely become a favourite within the Betting System.

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