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Major League Soccer 2012 Preview: Toronto FC vs Philadelphia Union Predictions

Two of the worst cases in the League will clash on the 8th of July 7. Catch real time updates on your favorite Major League Soccer 2012 Match.

Toronto FC Preview

Currently, Toronto FC is at the basement of the Eastern Conference rankings. The team so far, has a total of 10 points with sixteen games. Out of the sixteen games already played this season, Toronto has only two wins with ten losses and four draws. The good news, they’re going up against Philadelphia Union this Sunday, July 8. Why the good news? Well, the Union is not too far ahead of Toronto in record performance this year meaning they can catch up. Toronto hasn't lost in five straight, enjoying a noticeable upgrade in form under new coach Paul Mariner.

What Toronto needs to strengthen their defences and push up on their attack mode. The team has already let in a total of 30 goals from previous opponents in the last sixteen games which is pretty alarming. The Union is better at defense than most teams in the East but have a slightly weaker attack when compared to Toronto.

Philadelphia Union Preview

With a total of 14 points from fifteen games played which has a current record of four wins, nine losses and two draws, the Union is in a way, equal against their up-coming opponents Toronto FC. What the Union has where Toronto is lacking however, is the defense the team possess. Looking at the currents stats of the Eastern Conference teams, Philly has a better defensive record, even against the current top players, DC United.

However, Toronto has no losses from their five previous games while Philadelphia has three losses with only two victories. The opposing team is now able to hold up against higher ranking teams as of late therefor Philadelphia Union needs to improve their attack.

Toronto FC vs Philadelphia Union Predictions: 1-1 Draw

Predicting a draw goes to show how closely similar both teams are when it comes to their statistics. Although Toronto seemed to show more promise now than let’s say, five games ago, both teams are still on the equal.

Betting Odds and Tips Toronto FC vs Philadelphia Union:

Philadelphia Union: 1.91 - 1.52 - 62.63%
Draw: 3.30 - 1.30 - 76.74%
Toronto FC: 3.95 - 1.25 - 79.80%

Source: [sbobet]

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