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Spain is the team to beat, according to the La Roja themselves

Spain midfielder Javi Martinez admitted that his team will be the target of everyone this Euro 2012.

La Roja are by popular knowledge are one of the favorites for the tournament (if not THE favorite), but had some problematic moments in their recent matches against groupmates Italy and Croatia.

These mishaps have made people skeptical about their chances of defending their European title, but Martinez said that the team's recent victories give an extra source of motivation to opponents.

"The atmosphere in the team is good," Martinez expressed during the press conference. "We are very confident, and we knew that we would have some difficult moments.”

"Having won Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010 makes things harder for us. Everyone wants to beat us.”

"Although we had a complicated group stage, the team is fine and reinforced after these matches."

As the La Roja look forward to the quarter-final collision against France, Martinez is somewhat alerted of Les Bleus' attacking threat.

"I think that France try to control the ball and have very quick attackers, so we will have to be alert at the back," the 23-year-old affirmed.

"The key will be to try to have the ball. We will have to take the ball away from them.

"France's situation is similar to our own because, because both teams played better in the first two group matches than in the third game.

"I am sure they have overcome what happened against Sweden and that they will be very motivated against us."

For Spanish defender Juanfran, there is no doubt that his country will reach the finals.

Juanfran has not yet played a single minute at the tournament, but he is positive that there will be plenty of opportunities in Poland and Ukraine.

"I would like to play more," he told reporters at a press conference. "I respect Alvaro Arbeloa and the decisions of coach Vicente del Bosque.

"I think that my chance could come. I am prepared to help the team and since I believe we will reach the final, I still have three chances in three different matches.

"But Arbeloa is a team-mate of mine and he has been playing very well, so I will defend him to the death."

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