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Journalist faces Nasri’s bad side, as French exits Euro 2012

Samir Nasri, overwhelmed with disappointment as France loses against Spain and confirms their elimination from the Euro 2012, made a foul-mouthed tirade against a French journalist.

Nasri, who has been surrounded by controversy throughout the conference, was among the first group of the players to enter the post-match interview area the match. He walked off in a rush to the direction of the team bus and has consistently refused to answer any questions thrown by the media. He soon returned though, apparently having forgotten something, when the confrontation between him and the journalist occurred.

When pressed for an answer by a reporter working for a French news agency, Nasri responded with a surprising foul-mouthed outburst that culminated in him challenging the journalist to a fight outside. A barrage of insults ladened with four-letter words kicked off his rant, in which he insisted that the media always wrote "c**p stories" about his team. Nasri was also reportedly calling the reporter a "son of a b***h" and telling him to "f**k himself".

The French player shouted: "Now you can say that I've been badly brought up! Come over there and let's fix this."

The former Arsenal player has been involved in a long-running dispute with his national press that had already boiled over during France’s first game of the tournament against England.

After sports newspaper L’Equipe had criticised his recent performances, Nasri responded with a controversial celebration, putting his finger to his lips and pointing at the reporter who had written the article, saying "shut your mouth" after he had scored the equalising goal against Roy Hodgson’s side.

French Football Federation president Noel Le Graet has declared his dismay over Samir Nasri's verbal abuse of the French journalist.

Speaking to RMC, FFF president Le Graet, who defended Nasri over his also controversial gesture in the game against England, now expressed his dismay at the same player's recent actions.

"Nasri is a sensitive boy, but his words are intolerable," he said.

Asked for his general opinion of the French team, Le Graet insisted on accentuating the positive impression left by Laurent Blanc's side despite the latest controversy.

"The team progresses and behaves better, frankly. There are grounds for satisfaction. Laurent Blanc has a respectable and quite pleasant balance."

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