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Spanish La Liga 2012 Preview: Mallorca vs RCD Espanyol Predictions

Both Teams Go Head Up as the La Liga Race Gets More Congested on August 18, at the Son Moix Stadium. Catch real time updates on your favorite Spanish La Liga Match.

Mallorca Preview

Mallorca, during their last five games has won twice, tied up twice, and lost once. They currently hold the number 11 spot in the Spanish Primera Division. Mallorca holds an average of two goals per game. Despite their previous match against Real Madrid last May where they lost 1-4, they seem to be at a steady pace towards the top ten and are in better form now than earlier in the year.

One thing that this team needs to do is maintain consistency. Of course it is understood why they lost to Real Madrid, the boys from Madrid have been packing fire power for some time now. Their next match against Espanyol, who stands at sixth in the tables can be a prelude to their rise.

RCD Espanyol Preview

The boys from Espanyol has truly seen better days. Their last game ended in a draw with Zaragoza and the one before that saw a victory against Montpellier. The team has been pretty slow on trying to gain the momentum that they possessed early on. Nevertheless, Espanyol managed to maintain their standing the Spanish Primera. Going up against teams that are fighting for higher standings may be a challenge for the Espanyols. Mallorca seem very determined and with an average of 2 goals against, the Espanyols need to tighten their defences.

Espanyol also has an average of only 0.8 goals per away game signifying a weakness in the offensive side. Their last match up against Barcelona showed no scores while the opposing team gained 4 ended the game with a 4-0 defeat for the Espanyol.

Mallorca vs RCD Espanyol Predictions: Draw 1-1

Both the teams’ track record by far barely differs and while Espanyol has somewhat gained more accomplishments early in the year, Mallorca seem determined to take this game. Well, atleast they should be, this is a turning point for the team as previously mentioned.

Mallorca vs RCD Espanyol Betting Odds and Tips:

Mallorca 2.12 - 1.47 - 67.94%
Draw 3.60 - 1.27 - 78.26%
RCD Espanyol 3.50 - 1.28 - 77.77%

Mallorca vs RCD Espanyol Asian Handicap Betting Odds and Tips:

Mallorca -0.50 2.12 - 47.16%
RCD Espanyol +0.50 1.82 - 54.94%

Source: [sbobet]

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