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UEFA Champions League 2012 Preview: Ludogorets Razgrad vs Dinamo Zagreb Predictions

Bulgarians Ludogorets Razgrad will meet Croatians Dinamo Zagreb on July 19 in the first leg of the Second Qualifying Rounds. Catch real time updates on your favorite UEFA Champions League 2012 Match.

Ludogorets Razgrad Preview

Ludogorets Razgrad was founded in 1945, as a result of a merger between five different clubs from Razgrad. The team has played mostly in the second-tier and third-tier division during its 65 year existence.

In season 2009/10 the club finished 2nd in the the third tier of the Bulgarian football league system and won a promotion to professional football. After Ivaylo Petev was appointed as manager, and the club was purchased by the businessman Kiril Domuschiev, this was immediately followed by bids for high profile players.

Ludogorets was able to acquire players Emil Gargorov, Alexandre Barthe, Stanislav Genchev, Svetoslav Dyakov, Uroš Golubović,Ľubomír Guldan, Marcelinho, and Ivan Stoyanov. The now powerful team won their first top-tier championship.

Ludogorets Razgrad has won all their last six matches. Of their last 12 matches, they only have one loss.

Dinamo Zagreb Preview

Dinamo Zagreb, known as Modri (the Blues), is a longtime member of the Croatian Max Priva Liga. The team is also considered to be the most powerful team in the league, boasting a total of 14 championships, including the present one that allowed them to qualify to the UEFA Champions league.

Dinamo Zagreb has won four of their last six matches, the others were draws. Of their last 12 matches, they only have wins and draws – no losses at all.

Ludogorets Razgrad vs Dinamo Zagreb Predictions: Draw 1-1

This match might be one of the greatest matches in the Champions league. Both teams are on fire.

Ludogorets Razgrad vs Dinamo Zagreb Betting Odds and Tips:

Ludogorets Razgrad: 2.57 - 1.38 - 71.98%
Draw: 3.00 - 1.33 - 75%
Dinamo Zagreb: 2.5 - 1.4 - 71.42%

Ludogorets Razgrad vs Dinamo Zagreb Asian Handicap Betting Odds and Tips:

Ludogorets Razgrad: 0.00 | 1.99 [50.25%]
Dinamo Zagreb: 0.00 | 1.85 [54.05%]

Source: [sbobet]

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