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UEFA Champions League 2012 Preview: Sheriff Tiraspol vs Ulisses Yerevan Predictions

Moldovan Sheriff Tiraspol will meetArmenian Ulisses for the first time on the 17th of July in the first leg of the Second Qualifying Rounds. Catch real time updates on your favorite UEFA Champions League 2012 Match.

Ulisses Yerevan Preview

The Armenian team based in Yerevan and formally named Dinamothis season has, when compared to Tiraspol, been on a downtrend. The last six games provided three wins, one draw and two losses. FC Ulysses is currently in the Premier League table placed at number 6. The team scored in the current Premier League Season an average of 1.3 goals per game to date which Is much lower than upcoming opponents, Tiraspol with a score average of 2.5.

By this factor, Ulisses Yerevan needs to push their attack form in order to gain control early on in the game. If this is not put into effect , the Armenian team will most likely lose the first and second leg to the Moldovan Tiraspol.

Sheriff Tiraspol Preview

The uniquely named Sheriff Tiraspol is based in Moldova specifically the city of Tiraspol and DiviziaNaţionala the top division in Moldovan football and are currently placed at number 2. FC Sheriff are currently considered to be in an uptrend. The last six games the Moldovan team has won two, drew two and loss two games, not much of a promising record at first view.

However, in the DivizaNationala, the team has an average of 2.5 goals per game and on games home, the team scored an average of 5 goals. This indicates that Sheriff Tiraspol’s strength lies in their offensive and this can be a deciding factor during their match against Ulisses this coming July 17.

Sheriff Tiraspol vs Ulisses Yerevan Predictions: Sheriff Tiraspol 3-0

The numbers say it all, Sheriff Tiraspol has a much higher average when it comes to scoring goals. The defensive side for both teams is not too impressive but an advantage goes to the Moldovans when it comes to attack. The downtrend for FC Ulisses Yerevan is another clear indicator.

Sheriff Tiraspol vs Ulisses Yerevan Betting Odds and Tips:

Ulisses Yerevan: 2.81 - 1.35 - 73.75%
Draw: 3.15 - 1.31 - 75.90%
Sheriff Tiraspol: 2.24 - 1.44 - 69.13%

Sheriff Tiraspol vs Ulisses Yerevan Asian Handicap Betting Odds and Tips:

Ulisses Yerevan: +0.25 | 1.84 [54.34%]
Sheriff Tiraspol: -0.25 | 2.00 [50%]

Source: [sbobet]

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