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All hopes are up for Germany to win Euro 2012

Denmark head coach Morten Olsen has affirmed his belief that Germany will win the Euro 2012 championship.

The Mannschaft are widely viewed as one of the favorites to secure the title, and they will have the chance to play for a place in the final as they face the Italians on Thursday.

Coach Olsen is believes that Spain is also a relevant contender, but in he is quite partial that Germany has the edge over La Roja.

"I would say that Germany are going to win the Euros," Olsen told Danish newspaper BT. "The Spaniards have been convincing as far as possession of the ball is concerned, but the Germans create chances more easily.

"Both teams have incredible offensive qualities, but Germany's game is more dynamic.”

"I have to say that Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique have been playing very well. Together with Mats Hummels and Daniel Agger, they have been the best defenders of the tournament."

Denmark was eliminated from the Euro 2012 in the group stage following disappointing defeats to Ronaldo’s Portugal and the Germans in their last two matches.

On the other hand, Dutchman Roy Makaay has stated that he hopes to see Germany win Euro 2012 for former Bayern Munich team-mate Bastian Schweinsteiger.

The Dutchman enjoyed a four-year stay with the Bavarian giants, scoring 102 goals in 178 games and lifting the Bundesliga title twice.

Though he accepts that Vicente del Bosque's Spain are the favorites for success with their recent titles and their great performance on the recent games, he wishes to see his 27-year-old former colleague taste glory.

"Germany have an excellent team," he told AD. "I think Spain are top favourites, but immediately after them I see Germany," he continued.

“I especially wish that Bastian Schweinsteiger lifts the European title. They have to go deep against Italy on Thursday, but I think and hope that Germany will reach the finals,"

The 37-year-old also insisted that Bayern Munich's penalty shootout loss to Chelsea in the Champions League final will not weigh on the minds of the German squad.

"I do not think losing that final has a negative impact on the German players," he added.

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